Windchill ProductPoint is a Microsoft SharePoint based CAD data management software for groups. It’s been developed by PTC and Microsoft in collaboration. It manages CAD files and ensures everyone in the dispersed design team always has the latest version in use. It doesn’t only unify and enhance the 2D and 3D CAD data management but the inbuilt ProductView Lite software also enables viewing and commenting it by anyone involved in the process –regardless of the original file format.

Installation of ProductPoint is easy and fast and the adoption only takes a few days. It can also be interconnected with other SharePoint applications.


  • Enhances CAD data-sharing, CAD vaulting, CAD file management and work group collaboration through multi-CAD support, enables effective concurrent engineering
  • Provides a familiar Microsoft environment, inherits the easy and fast deployment characteristics of SharePoint
  • Complements existing implementations of Windchill product lifecycle management solutions

Download a pdf brochure to read more about the product and extended features.