Creo™ Elements/Direct

Creo™ Elements/Direct, formerly known as CoCreate, offers maximum ease and flexibility in creating unique or radically repurposing designs. It’s the easiest 3D CAD system to learn and use and it provides a lightweight approach that can help you advance many of your engineering processes.

Use Creo Elements/Direct Modeling to optimize concept development, detailed design and system design processes, and to quickly create and modify 3D parts and assemblies, or accommodate unexpected design changes.

It allows you to increase engineering productivity by adding more flexibility to design teams. It also supports design outsourcing processes by enabling the leveraging of multi-source CAD data. You can easily move from 2D to 3D and switch from other 3D CAD systems, knowing that all legacy 2D and 3D CAD data carries forward in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.

Choose Creo Elements/Direct Model manager and Drawing manager to orchestrate team design processes and manage associated product design data, and Creo Elements/Direct Drafting for professional 2D CAD design and drafting.

Download a pdf brochure to read more about the product and the extended features.