This article shows what companies need to consider if they want to restructure their processes and bring 3D CAD-based illustrations directly into their customer documentation.

This article takes the experience of Bert Witsmeer, an illustrator in the Technical Publication Department of B/E Aerospace in Nieuwegein, as an example, demonstrates Arbortext IsoDraw CADprocess is faster and easier, with an exceptional improvement in quality in creating illustrations.

This article gives useful tips & tricks on creating technical illustrations using SolidWorks data from a long-time user of Arbortext® IsoDraw.

This technical white paper provides an overview of some basic aspects of technical illustration that will be useful to illustrators seeking more information.


For those considering making the transition from 2D to 3D or those looking to get more value from 3D CAD, the Aberdeen sector insight will serve as a reference for how other SMEs are levaraging 3D CAD.

This brief eBook explains the changes now under way to PTC CAD technology, and what you can expect in the coming year.

Direct modeling eBook: discover 5 ways you can benefit from the speed and simplicity of Direct Modeling.

These two white papers explain why combining parametric and direct modeling offers benefits to design teams and the products they create.
10 areas where Direct Modeling complements Parametric
5 areas where Parametric Modeling complements Direct

Creo elements/ direct


Cad Revolution eBook by Chad Jackson

an independent analyst, industry-expert and well-known blogger in the global CAD arena. This eBook provides an external view on the MCAD market and the expected changes in each role dealing with CAD, which he calls the CAD Revolution.

Chapter 1: Enabling CAD Independence across the Team
Chapter 2: What does it mean for the CAD manager
Chapter 3
: What does it mean for CAD specialists


This report provides information through survey result numbers, case studies and benchmarks about PLM deployment from IT management (CIO) point view, and gives out recommendation to achieve best-in-class performance, so could be of strong interest to top information managers.

Buyers guide to selecting PLM software.
White paper developed by TechniCom and Tech-Clarity explores 10 steps that every SMB should follow when selecting software solutions.

In this three part White Paper series, PTC shares its experience from thousands of deployments worldwide as to what makes up:
Core “must have” capabilities in product development
“Extended value” capabilities that that address the complete product lifecycle and
Critical system architecture elements for smart investment in PLM technology.

eBook: Understand how PLM & ERP are different and why manufacturers need both for maximum business value.


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